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Above and beyond fashion, we aim to contribute to the social, economic and environmental livelihoods within Papua New Guinean communities. What makes us unique is our passion for innovation, creativity, people and most importantly our heritage.




Lumai was inspired by a street lined with Frangipani trees; a sleepy town with active volcanoes; fisherwomen and men selling their freshly caught catches strung up by vines by the roadside; the sweetness of kulau and it's white juicy flesh torn from the shell; the waves that caressed the coconut tree lined shores; the frightful noise made by the leaves adorning the tumbuans and dukduks as they fiercely pounded through the village; the sound of coconut pressed against a scraper as its flesh transforms into ribbons of delight; the chants and songs that filled the air telling tales of black magic; the choregraphed movements of women and men to the beat of the garamut; the woven coconut frond baskets pulled up high on the shoulder; the volcanic ash covered faces; the betelnut stained teeth; white kabang smeared on the temple of their faces; the women walking with a baby slung over their chest in a laplap with filled baskets balanced precariously on their heads; the women who's infectious laughter rips through the silence; the women who's voices ring through singsings and churches; the women who birthed you; the woman that birthed me; the women that took care of you; the women that took care of me; the women of Papua New Guinea.​

Rabaul Market
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